Guidance of The Laser Society of Japan member management system

The Laser Society of Japan (LSJ) introduces a member management system called ‘SMOOSY’ (supplied by Atlas Co. Ltd.) for the further improvement of the member service from April, 2020.
Now a member ‘my page’ is available newly, LSJ guides a procedure to login for the first time and the things you can do.

●What you can do in a member ‘my page’
・Read/Change the registered information
・Inquiry of the status of the fee payment
・Pay the fee by the credit card (enabled from May, 2020)
・Download the bill/receipt pdf of the fee
・Read news from the Society

●Flow of the member ‘my page’ first login
1) LSJ secretariat will send an email that listed URL for taking login password of the member ‘my page’ in April, 2020.
※The URL for the password issuing is below:
2) Please input a login ID (registered e-mail address or LSJ member number (5 digits) ) in a screen for the password issuing and click a transmission button.
3) An email that informs the password setting URL will be sent to a registered e-mail address. Please click [password setting URL] in the email.
※If the email does not arrive, please contact the secretariat.
4) A password input screen will be displayed, please set any password and completed.

●Request of the registration contents confirmation
After the first login, please confirm your member information with a system from the top right corner menu or [member information indication] of the lower top page. Particularly, please confirm whether an affiliation and address information are the latest. When information is not the latest, please update from a button [member information change].

●Request of the shift to the credit card payment
In this new member management system, the credit card payment comes to be possible.
Paying your member fee by the credit card is greatly appreciated because of the secretariat work load reduction.
※The members who are using direct bank debit system comes to be able to change the credit card payment from 2021.
※A payment method modifiable period will be from May 1 to November 30, 2020 (tentative).

Secretariat of The Laser Society of Japan